"Considerable efficacy for hyperpigmentation concerns"

AAD American Academy of Dermatology Cysteamine Melasma

by Hsu et al, 2013. Journal of the Amercian Academy of Dermatology

Cysteamine cream as a new skin depigmenting product


Cysteamine hydrochloride has been known to be a potent depigmenting molecule for over 5 decades. Despite its strong depigmenting effect, shown to be more potent than hydroquinone in vivo, cysteamine was never developed into a topical preparations. recently, a new technology became available permitting to considerably reduce the odor of cysteamine in cream conditions. Cysteamine cream made available as such, was evaluated in our studies for its depigmenting activity.


The depigmenting effect was confirmed by dermatoscopal and chromametric evaluations as well as the histologic studies. Cysteamine cream showed a considerable efficacy in the correction of Hyperpigmentation confirmed by all evaluation methods. Previous cell culture studies confirmed that cysteamine acts through melanogenesis inhibition and not melanocytotoxicity to depigment cultured melanocytes.


Cysteamine is a nonmelanocytotoxic and nonmutagenic molecule. Cysteamine cream, made usable with the new technology for the first time, has a strong depigmenting action in vivo.

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Avril 2013, 68:4-1 AB189.

Authors: Christophe Hsu, MD, Center Medical du Lignon, Geneva, Switzerland; Hussain Ali Mahdi, MD, Royal Bahrain Hospital, Manama, Bahrain; Mohammad Pourahmadi, MD, Jahrom University Medical School, Jahrom, Iran; Sara Ahmadi, MD, Jahrom University Medical School, Jahrom, Iran