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★★★★★ We have seen promising results with stubborn skin discoloration.

by Seemal R Desai, MD, FAAD, President of the Skin Of Color Society and Founder of Innovative Dermatology in Dallas, Texas. 3 May 2019

We have seen promising results, it’s a topical, and I’m excited that there are going to be new options for topical solution of stubborn discoloration where we don’t necessarily have to rely on other active agents and pigment correctors long term,

★★★★★ I am so happy with my result.

By Cherry M., April 30 1, 2019

Hi, I've been using your product Cysteamine and I'm so happy with my result. I would like to buy 2 for my mother.

★★★★★ I recommend Cysteamine as first line treatment

by Dr. Wendy Roberts, Dermatologist, Rancho Mirage, CA, March 1, 2019

Many young patients are wary of using non-safe agents as skin lighteners, quoting”A lot of our young generations will say I don’t want anything with non safe chemicals in my routine.” She recommends Cysteamine from Scientis as an alternative.

★★★★★ I have really been impressed by the product.

by Dr. Michelle Henri, Dermatologist, New York NY, February 21, 2018

I have really been impressed by the product. To continually fade and prevent new dark spots, I has been using this new pigment-correcting face cream out of Switzerland. It has cysteamine hydrochloride, which is a powerful lightening agent that some believe to be the most effective cream for Hyperpigmentation concerns . I leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off, and have been seeing significant improvement in fading dark spots.

★★★★★ I have one word to describe my results “AMAZING”

by Mika V, Seattle, WA. November 20, 2018

I wanted to provide an update on my progress using Cysteamine. I’m of Asian American decent (Fitzpatrick 4+). As you know, Asian American skin is one of the most difficult hyperpigmentation concerns.  After two weeks of Cysteamine application I saw major improvement.  I have one word to describe my results “AMAZING”.  I’m now 6 weeks post and continue to see improvement in my PIH and melasma.  My before/after photos are unbelievable.  For the past 12 years I’ve worked with dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the US.  I’ve tried EVERY laser modality (Fraxel, Halo, Lumenis), pharmaceutical grade topical (TriLuma, Obagi, Skinmedica) with no results.  In fact, the laser Tx caused additional hypopigmentation.  I was devastated.  After 12 years of searching for a solution I’ve finally found Cysteamine.  Please express my gratitude to the Scientis R&D team, physicians and scientists for developing the first and only efficacious solution to hyperpigmentation.

★★★★★ Results are Fantastic!!

by Laura B, Olympia, WA. November 15, 2018

I have used this cream for 12 weeks now and the results are wonderful, you have to be patient and apply it as prescribed. My hyperpigmentation is WAY lighter, not completely gone, but not noticeable with light make up. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
I have waisted money the past on laser, creams, etc and nothing worked in fact it made it worse. Finally I found a cream that works!

★★★★★ You must be a magician!  Skin is soft, no dryness nor peeling

by Donna M, Kintessack, UK, Septembre 29, 2018

It has broken up and has a large clear demarkation area on it, circling a  darker brown dot.  All I can say is, pretty shocked!!!  As I have been looking at it during the morning, pink dots of skin are showing through the pigment.  Seriously - never seen anything like it!

I am so shocked that I am going to take daily photos. However, since I took the pic 2 hours ago, 3 further pink areas have appeared.  I think you must be a magician!  Skin is soft, no dryness nor peeling.

★★★★ Works but has some downsides.

by Victor Reyes, Amazon verified, September 13, 2018

Nothing works as well or as quickly as this. Unfortunately, cysteamine hasn't caught on for reasons this product tries to solve. Cysteamine is stinky and despite what scientis claims, their product is still quite stinky. Also having to remove the product 15 mins after application is annoying, especially because you have to wash your face before and after using the product. If you have bad hyper pigmentation this is definitely a great option. If you have typical acne related hyper pigmentation this is probably not worth it.


by Secretagentmanon, Amazon verified, September 3, 2018

Okay, let's me start with this, I purchased this item on August 15, 2017. I bought it myself, I was not given this item, nor was I given any discount for this review; this is an honest accessment of my experience using Cysteamine Cream.
Okay, now the review:
THIS STUFF WORKS! I had serious hyperpigmentation on my bottom lip. I am about the complexion of Idris Elba just for a visual reference to those of you reading this. My bottom lip had gotten darker through aging as is common with many African Americans. Who know what causes could be the sun beaming down on us in our long commute on the 405 or the 5 in California haha or bad ingredients in lip balms and chap stick etc..... whatever the case, As an African American male this was extremely embarrassing and noticeable. It made me look like I had drug addict lips and there was nothing that I could do about it for years! Until I started researching "pigment correction creams" that I stumbled upon this stuff. I used retin-a to peel my bottom lip to attempt to lighten it, I used everything under the sun and NONE OF THEM WORKED! I used 25-35% TCA peels on my bottom lip to lighten it as well. While that did work it was only temporary, as the skin wound return to its dark color after but a couple of days once my lip fully healed after the peels. Needless to say, that was super disheartening. I was left thinking, "am I going to always have this crazy dark lip issue?! This sucks!!". NO MORE! Not after using this stuff for the last 19 days!! My lip is pink! I mean PINK!! It looks great! My youthful look is back and it is super noticeable! There is no doubt in my mind that this stuff is the reason!!!

Now that we've got that out of the way, here's how to actually use this stuff to get a result.

This stuff isn't like any other cream for skin lightening that you've ever used. Keep that in mind. The results that you see are not indicative of how much of this cream that you use. The results that you see are based on the continued use of the product.
Daily use is what will get you on the winning path.
Apply to hyperpigmented areas once a day at night, leave on for 15 minutes then wash it off(once your used to it you can apply it and leave it on over night. I do this for my lip and every that I wake up to wash my face etc; I notice a thin layer of skin on my lip sloths off and the lip is noticeably lighter every single time! This stuff is incredible!), apply moisturizing cream and go to sleep. Simple as that. Once your skin ton has reached it desired lightness simple retard using the cream daily and shift over to a twice a week regimen to maintain the results. You have to continue using the product indefinitely to maintain the results. Before you say, "what?! I don't want to have to use this stuff forever!" To this is say, get over it! Your body naturally produces Cysteamine. I believe that I read that it's actually present in breast milk, google it, you'll see. Many of you women and men use soaps conditionerers, relaxers, perks, hair gels etc... that are far worse on your body than this stuff would ever be and your body doesn't produce the stuff that's in those products(nor does anyone's lol). I'd say that it is a small price to pay for the results. This stuff is available OVER THE COUNTER for Pennies on the dollar compared to how much other products costs from the dermatologist. Those of you who have gone this route can fully back that claim. The tube is able the size of a medium tub of toothpaste. I have used this stuff daily since I received it on August 15th as I mentioned earlier and I still have what is almost a full tube! It lasts a VERY LONG TIME! Oh, wait another thing, the literature that comes with the cream expresses a warning that the cream can cause "hypopigmentation"(complete removal of color from the skin) I use it on a few spots on my face as well I leave it on over night and have not seen this as a problem for me. You may be different so use at your own discretion. I read in the literature that this stuff doesn't attack regular melanocytes, only the hyperpigmented spots. I have no idea how but it is true! Dark spots have disappeared while my regular skin tone has remained in tact. BUY THIS, USE IT CONSISTENTLY, SEE RESULTS. It's really that simple. Do your research, don't listen to "nay sayers". Those people either can not read, haven't actually used this stuff or are too dumb to follow simple directions.
My lip went from being at least 3 shades darker than my overall skin tone to pink in 19 days! NINETEEN DAYS!!! This stuff is no joke. It will help your skin no doubt! I am fully convinced that this stuff has to be what Charlemagne The God from The Breaksfast Club used to clear up his hyperpigmentation. He hasn't publicly said it but this stuff his powerful! I love it. I am going to buy a friggin case of if it before you guys buy it all after reading this review! Shout out to Scientis for stabilizing Cysteamine and making a cream out of it, thank you so much!
Ps. for those that think I'm joking, look at my pics. No photoshop, this stuff is legit!!!

★ I used this for one week and my dark brown ...

by Maria, Amazon verified, on August 17, 2018

I used this for one week and my dark brown spot got darker. I will still try to continue using this for 4 more weeks and see if it will get lighter.

★★★★★ Great sellers'!! Love my products

by josiecaba2009, Ebay verified, on August 15, 2018


★★★★★ It really helps if you are patient

by Suttinger, Amazon verified, on August 11, 2018

I have started the routine, 15 min every night, and it took at least 12 weeks to see results, my before and after pictures show very good improvement. The cream doesn't smell good, and sometimes I have to take a break (2/3 days), due to mild irritation. I always make sure to apply lotion, vitamin E or aloe after I remove it. One of the benefits of this cream, is that your skin is not as sun sensitive as with other products. I still wear a 50-70 sunscreen anyway when I go out on very sunny days. I do wear "It Cosmetics" CC Color correction makeup, and it covers it all!!, which was not the case before, I would recommend the cream, you have to be patient, this is the only cream that has improved my skin tone and I don't get awful worse when I stop using it.

★★★★★  Thanks

by kikadiva1, Ebay verified, on August 4, 2018


★★ Two Stars

by A. Powers, Amazon verified, on August 3, 2018

Using it per instruction and using it for a awhile with no expected result

★ One Star

by ileen pham, Amazon verified, on July 26, 2018

No change to age spots. Still there. :-( Might work for others, It just didn't work for me.:-(

★★★★★ My pigmentation is much lighter and i look forward to seeing how much better it will look in another three weeks 

by Miss El Ashurst, Amazon verified, on July 23, 2018

I have been using this cream for three weeks now and can already see an improvement. My pigmentation is much lighter and i look forward to seeing how much better it will look in another three weeks. I am surprised a cream could have such a profound effect in such a short period of time.

★★★★★ Good news to report.

by Trish C., Scientis verified, on 20 July, 2018

Good news to report. I just got back from a Cruise trip where I was in the strong sun for a good amount of time for at least 5 days.
I used my SPF 50 on my face as I always do and wore a hat in the sun. My hyperpigmentation didn't get any worse Which I am so pleased about. I usually dread sun exposure because my hyperpigmentation usually gets darker no matter how much I cover up.
I do believe the Cysteamine Cream is working.

★★★★★ Good

by enidtorres-2009, Ebay verified, on July 20, 2018


★★★★★ One Star

by leanne, Amazon verified, on July 18, 2018

Didnt work for me unfortunately

★★★★★ Recommended seller, great communication and a speedy delivery.

by hinchy0410, Ebay verified, on July 16, 2018


★★★★★ Fast shipping! Reliable seller!! Thanks!!!

by betterbiggerbuyer, Ebay verified, on July 14, 2018


★★ Two Stars

by IntheDirt23, Amazon verified, on July 12, 2018

Did not work as well as expected.

★★★★★ It's Incredible

by Daniel S., Scientis verified, on July 11, 2018

This is Danny here I've sent you a few messages in the past . I just had to tell you that I'm amazed ! I had some really dark pigmentation on my face . I spent so much money on creams even some laser treatments . Absolutely nothing worked intact it made it darker . I stopped looking in the mirror as it upset me as the marks appeared after I was attacked and robbed by three drug addicts and badly assaulted . I've seen in the last 6 weeks my skin tone even out . The patches are almost invisible now ! My skin glows with extra health and clarity . A dermatologist I see is shocked at how this has worked and is thinking about stocking it . I'd used other products but nothing ever worked like this !!!! Please please get your marketing team to get articles in magazines , papers send leaflets to dermatologists all over the world as your magic cream works ! It simply works ! It also seems to give the skin over all health ! Does the cream have anti ageing benefits too ? Because my skin never looked better ! I wash my skin and wait an hour and leave it on overnight . I'm quite emotional about the effects because it's allowing me to mentally get over a terrivlevtoke of my life ! I can't thank you enough ! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! 

★★★★★ Thank you 

by megn_fashion_beauty_boutiqe, Ebay verified, on July 10, 2018


★ no effect after one month

by farno_ca2014, Ebay verified, on July 05, 2018

My Dr. mentioned this cream to me for my pigmented area. After 6 weeks of use. I haven't seen any result : (

★★★★★ The best results I have had

by Amazon Customer, Amazon verified, on July 10, 2018

I have been using this product for about 2 months now. My hyperpigmentation is a lot lighter, I need much less make up to cover it up.
I will continue to use it and hopefully it will all go away.
The best results I have had, and I have tried everything you can imagine.

★★★★★ A++++ Seller. Will buy again.

by tiachev77, Ebay verified, on June 27, 2018


★★★★★ Thank you, so much

by kikadiva1, Ebay verified, on June 13, 2018


★ I am so disappointed and my expectations trashed

by Karima, Amazon verified, on May 27, 2018

Its now 3 weeks and hardly any change to the pigmentation. I am so disappointed and my expectations trashed. Sorry to say but just a waste of good money ;O(  

★★★★ produit efficace.

by kih-dak-5uxc90, Ebay verified, on May 20, 2018

un très bon produit,il éclaircit et diminue les taches au bout de 4 semaines. je recommande aux gens cette crème pour les problèmes au visages.

★★★★★ Worked on the first day of use.

by Amazon Customer, Amazon verified, on May 12, 2018

My situation might be different from most, but this cream literally saved my face ! For me, the results were immediate.

I have vitiligo and after spending a lot of time & money on prescription after prescription, laser treatments and snake oils.. I decided to bleach my skin. The bleaching resulted in pure white freaky looking skin but it was easily disguised with a spray tan.

I started using a new sunblock that made me break out so I stopped using sunscreen. Within a week the left side of my face was polka dotted with brown & white spots!! I realized it was from driving in my car with the window down. Ugh.

I looked really, really weird and I had a job interview in 5 days. I quickly ordered this cream, overnight. Within the 5 days, my skin was 80% normal. ( I got the job) and no rash or side effects at all. I will order again and again .

Again, my situation may be different , but for me it was a God send.

★★★★★ Wonderful!  

by Don, Amazon verified, May 6, 2018

I'm 23, African American, Dominican, Scandinavian, & Melanesia woman, so I have pigmented skin. I have suffered from acne since I was in the 5th grade & suffered from acne scars even until now. At one point I had cleared them but they continue to darken when my skin has a freak out.

I was very skeptical to try this product because I have tried EVERYTHING. From facials, to kojic acid, chemical peels, dermatologist, EVERYTHING. I have found no miracle products although Kojic was great at first. So, it's been 2 wks & I have missed a few days due to carrying for my 14 month old, however, I am noticing a HUGE difference in the scars. Idk how long b4 I'll see full results but I pray & hope this will end the scars once & for all. The ONLY complaint I have right now is that it broke my chin, neck & cheeks out (where most of the scars are) but that's to be expected when ur skin is trying something new. The product mentions if itchiness occurs to discontinue use, but didn't mention that breakouts may occur. I know my skin so I sort of expected it, I just don't want the breakouts to cause MORE scars, thus prolonging the process. My good old activated charcoal cleared up the breakouts right away. I will update as soon as I have used for recommended time.


by Amazon Customer, Amazon verified, on April 26, 2018

DRAMATIC results!!! Started April 19th, less than 6 weeks -- look at my posted photos & see for yourself! Battling & suffering hyperpigmentation 10 years and more than $15,000 spent on prescription, Triluma, Spectra Laser Toning, Yag & other lasers at M.D. dermatologist offices -- nothing has worked & given me the results that Cysteamine Creme is giving me in less than 6 weeks of use! 4 pics side-by-side; from left to right: April 19th right side, today right side, April 19th left side, today left side... My skin is lighter, brighter, & my hyperpigmentation is almost entirely gone -- I went out without any makeup today for the first time in a decade -- Thank you, Scientis -- you are AWESOME!

★★★★ I don't like the odor

by L. Anderson, Amazon verified, on April 22, 2018

Seems to be working. I don't like the odor. Comment| One person found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report abuse

★★★★★ In just 3 weeks the results are obvious and amazing. I thought I was going to have to ...

by marlene grippin, Amazon verified, on April 13, 2018

This product delivers exactly what is promises. In just 3 weeks the results are obvious and amazing. I thought I was going to have to live with discoloration for the rest of my life. I am confident with my skin for the first time in 3 years.

★★★★★ Five Stars

by PDubbu, Amazon verified, on April 13, 2018

This is legit research-based effective product. Got rid of my hyperpigmentation a v-beam laser couldn't.

★★★★★ Very happy customer

by Hillary A Miller, Scientis verified, on April 17, 2018

I bought this product a couple weeks ago, and I'm very happy with the results. I've done chemical peels, fraxel laser among other solutions and creams for hyperpigmentation.
My skin is glowing, which I haven't seen in five years. The results are fast, I will continue to use cysteamine for a long time. 

★ Don't waste your money

by Amazon Customer, Amazon verified, on April 12, 2018

This product did not do what it says it will do. This product gave me an extreme rash. I would not recommend buying this. Don't waste your money.

★★★ Pleasantly Surprised....

by Aa2016, Amazon verified, on April 11, 2018

I was very disappointed in this cream at first. I was frustrated because I wasn't seeing any results. AND IT SMELLS AWFUL. I used up a whole tube and saw no difference. I sucked it up and bought another tube because their case study pictures were so impressive. I'm in my 12 or 13 week using this cream and I am pretty impressed. My hyperpigmentation is lightening up nicely. It took about 12 weeks for me to notice a change. Takes a while to see results, but this cream does work. Stinks...but it works...LOL

Edit: it's been about one month after my initial review. I haven't gotten anymore lightening. I don't think it will buy another tube... this is a very slow process...I took off a couple stars because my hyperpigmentation is still there and I've been using this since January...

★★★★★ i who order this

by tiffany, Amazon verified, on April 1, 2018


★★★★★ Slowly but surely

by Trish, Amazon verified, on March 19, 2018

I developed hyperpigmentation 3 years ago. It was brought on by birthcontol pills. I stopped using birth control 1 year ago and was hopeful my hyperipigmentation would fade over time. It did not. I stopped eating gluten, sugar, and red meat. I did everything and anything I read that could make my hyperpigmentation worse. Nothing helped.  

Since using Cysteamine Cream my hyperpigmentation has faded significantly. I've only been using this cream for 6 weeks now but the huge patch of hyperpigmentation on my forehead has faded the most so far. I still have patches on my cheeks and above my lip but every day they are slowly fading.  

What really makes me happy about this cream is that my hyperpigmentation did not seem to get any worse while I was away on vacation in heavy sun exposure. I still used my SPF 50 on my face and wore a hat, but when the sun usually makes those spots darker no matter how much I cover up, they didn't get any worse this time. 🙂  

Very hopeful the more I use this cream the more my hyperpigmentation will fade.

Good luck,


★★  Seems like a good company, but their product didn't help my condition.

by RF, Amazon verified, on March 5, 2018

I had high hopes. Unfortunately, after using this product faithfully for eight weeks, I have seen zero improvement in my skin. My hyperpigmentation is still very much present. Maybe this stuff works for somebody, but it did not work for me. Oh, well.

★★★★★ AAA

by shireenprasad, Ebay verified


★★★★★ Produit exacte ! livraison très rapide

by krikriinlove, Ebay verified


★★★★★ Transaction parfaite +++++++    

by lilisun55, Ebay verified


★★★★★ Thank you

by birw3184, Ebay verified


★★★★★ Excellent product from a great seller will definitely recommend, five stars 😆😊    

by laroye, Ebay verified


★★★★★ Thank you fast shipping.

by queenemma1227, Ebay verified


★★★★★  hyperpigmentation

by madame shahzada, d-pharma verified, on January 7, 2018

This is my first review. i was suffering from hyperpigmentation since 10 years.i tried every thing.but hyperpigmentation was still there.first my dermetoligist precribe hydroquinone. but my skin was worst ever then before. then the dermetolgist give me cysteamine for 4 month. this is my second month to use the cream.its just a miracle. my hyperpigmentation is almost gone.i am still waiting to finish the 4 months.

★★★★★  Skin Lightening

by khan, d-pharma verified, on November 24, 2017

That is perfect. It is a magic application.

★★★★★  Efficace

by Mike D, d-pharma verified, on April 15, 2017

Le prix n'est pas donné mais vu la taille du tube et son efficacité ... je le recommande


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