Case study: Dr Amiee Vyas shares her results with Cysteamine cream

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Dr Amiee Vyas is an aesthetic doctor and cosmetic skin specialist based in Central and North London and an educator for AestheticSource. She undertook her medical training at King’s College London and further medical training at the University Hospitals of Leicester before moving into private practice.

During her medical school years, she developed a particular interest in skin and was appointed as a member of the British Association of Dermatologists DermSchool subcommittee. She has since taken an main role in teaching and training for other healthcare professionals.

Cysteamine is an intensive pigment corrector that is relatively new to the market and aims to replace other agents as a solution of pigmentation problems.The use of other agents despite its high efficacy as a depigmenting agent, is very controversial due to concerns about its toxicity and it being a mutagenic compound. Furthermore it is not always well tolerated by all user groups, particularly those with sensitive skin types.

The patient had a visible improvement in pigmentation, particularly in the forehead region

Conducted a case study on a 43-year-old female of Spanish descent who had patchy pigmentation problems in a mixed picture of photodamage and stubborn discoloration affecting the forehead and cheeks bilaterally. She was unable to tolerate other agents and Tretinoin and had previously tried a Kojicacid, retinol, and hydroxy acid regime of topical home care and chemical peels for one year. This improved skin quality but had very little effect on the pigmentation concerns. Cysteamine was trialed for a period of three months with one application at night and an SPF 50 sunscreen used daily during this time. For the first month it was applied as per the packet instructions with an exposure time of 15 minutes. However, as the customer was not satisfied with the improvement at one month, the exposure time was increased to 30 minutes and then to two hours after two weeks. After a course of three months the dose was reduced to 15 minutes exposure twice weekly for maintenance.

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It has been clearly demonstrated in the clinical photography, the user has a visible improvement in pigmentation, particularly in the forehead region, and there is a noticeably more even skin tone throughout. The only side effect experienced was a small patch of redness and irritation which is visible on the right cheek, but this improved during the course of the day and was managed with an emollient moisturiser. This completely resolved after the customer reduced use to the maintenance dose. My case study has shown that cysteamine has proven efficacy in the solution of mixed picture rpigmentation problems, even in those unable to tolerate other agents Results can be improved if increased exposure (more than 15 minutes per day) can be tolerated by the user, but please note that this is not advised unless under supervision. The side effects are minimal with this product, although mild irritation can occur in sensitive skin type when not used as instructed. Dryness, itchiness, and post-inflammatory pigmentation (although this is rare) have been noted, but topical ochranosis is not associated with cysteamine cream. Topical application of cysteamine cream has good tolerability and impressive data on improvement of multiple types of pigmentation problems, including epidermal stubborn discoloration, freckles, other types of pigmentation problems and post-inflammatory. The fact that it is non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, and non-carcinogenic means it can also be used safely for post-chemotherapy pigmentation – a customer group which is often notoriously difficult to improve. It is also safe for use on mucosal areas including lips and intimate regions making this preparation an exciting development in the solution of pigmentation concerns.


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