Cysteamine is the Secret Ingredient to Wake up to your Natural Beauty Again

cysteamine secret ingredient to wake-up your natural beauty

Cysteamine Cream®


Get rid of hyperpigmentation and reclaim your confidence

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If you have been suffering from melasma or other skin pigmentation issues, then get ready to breathe a sigh of relief.

While dermatologists are becoming more hesitant to prescribe hydroquinone due to its cancer potential, studies are showing Cysteamine Cream is the safer and more effective melasma treatment.

For those struggling with finding a melasma treatment that works, Cysteamine Cream is the secret ingredient to wake up your natural beauty again.

What Is It?

Cysteamine cream is a cream that uses Cysteamine as the active ingredient. Cysteamine is already naturally present in human bodies to help regulate melanin synthesis in the skin. For years, scientists have been searching for a way to use this biological active ingredient, but it was too strong. Recently, the discovery was made that allows this ingredient to be applied as a topical cream to one’s skin, which makes it the fastest, safest, and most effective product on the market for dealing with the “mask of pregnancy.

How Does It Work?

By applying the Cysteamine Cream to the skin once a day for eight to twelve weeks, you will reach optimal depigmentation. Your brown spots will respond more readily to the cream, helping your skin to return to an even, natural pigment. As you use the cream daily, you will see your complexion become more uniform.

After just six weeks of treatment, you will see your brown spots fade and your natural beauty shine. As your brown spots fade, you should continue to use Cysteamine Cream just twice a week to continue to keep up the beautiful, uniformed appearance of your skin. With Cysteamine Cream, you no longer have to feel ashamed of the spots of your skin or worry about the long-term effects of the various treatments.

published on:, on: October 3rd, 2017

Cysteamine Cream®
  • First & only skin pigment corrector containing cysteamine as ingredient

  • Intensive — clinically proven. Set to replace hydroquinone as the new standard for hyperpigmentation concerns

  • Safe hydroquinone-free, retinoic acid free, kojic acid free, corticosteroid-free

12-weeks full treatment cycle. (1.8oz / 50g, 5% cysteamine hydrochloride) 

Swiss Made. Delivered worldwide. Free shipping. Guaranteed return.

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