How to Get Rid of Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

how to get rid of melasma this summer

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After suffering from melasma during pregnancy, I was heartbroken when it returned the following summer. I didn’t realize that sun exposure, and not just hormonal changes, can bring on a recurrence. But, it taught me a valuable lesson: maintenance therapy is critical! However, I did not want to hide away all summer long. Instead, I spoke with my doctor and did my research. For those in the same predicament, let me tell you how I made sure my melasma stayed away this summer.

Stock Up on Sunscreen

You must stock up on sunscreen! You should be using sunscreen daily – not just in the summer. But, you should never leave your home without being coated in SPF 50 or higher. Additionally, try to plan your summer outings during the times when the UV rays are not at their strongest. To avoid this direct sunlight, stay indoors during the middle of the day.

Add Some Fashionable Sun Gear to Your Closet

On top of using sunscreen daily, you should also do a little shopping to add some fashionable sun gear to your closet. First, you must purchase a wide brimmed hat to protect your face from the sun. There are some many cute options on the market! Next, you should get some great sunglasses. Finally, look for SPF clothing, such as coverups. Remember – the more lightweight, the better! Heat is also a melasma trigger, so you need to dress accordingly.

Use a Melasma Treatment That Works

Finally, you need to use a melasma treatment that works. I found relief from using Cysteamine creamthe first time my melasma occurred. I chose it because it is a safer alternative to hydroquinone. It worked wonders on my skin in just eight weeks! Now, I just use Cysteamine cream twice a week to maintain my complexion.

Take it from me: you can enjoy your summer and take care of your skin.

published by Bimash on, on: October 6th, 2017

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