- How does CC act?

Cysteamine, is the natural product of L-cysteine metabolism in the human body, acting directly in the melanocysts. Cysteamine has been shown to act not through melanocytotoxicity, but via the inhibition of melanin synthesis to produce  depigmentation.[1] [Qiu L, Zhang M, Sturm RA et al. Inhibition of melanin synthesis by cystamine in human melanoma cells. J Invest Dermatol 2000; 114:21–7]

The active ingredient is also reknown as an intrinsic antioxidant and known for its protective role against ionizing radiation and as an antimutagenic agent.


I am a 25 year old Indian guy. I have POST INFLAMATERY HYPERPIGMENTION on my face (PIH). Would CC help for my issue?

Cysteamine Cream® is indeed a novel depigmentation treatment for hyperpigmentation concerns. 

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by different factors. Cysteamine Cream® aims especially to reduce post inflammatory marks, for young people (your age) and with dark skin.

The product is endorsed by experts.


- Does CC cream reach dermal layer?

If the pigmentation is 100% dermal, depigmenting creams, including Cysteamine Cream®, will not be effective. However 100% dermal pigmentation is quite rare and most of the time the pigmentation is "mixed" (dermal + epidermal). Depending on the percentage of epidermal melanin, some degrees of amelioration is usually possible.


- Can CC produce white spots?

It is unlikely that the Cysteamine Cream® would produce such white spots. This goes against the mechanism of action of Cysteamine and there is no evidence in the scientific literature and no case reported in clinical setting of such events.


Concerning SHIPMENT


- What is expected time for the shipment?

Between 4 and 6 days for a shipment within Europe.

Between 10 and 12 days for other countries.


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Cysteamine Cream®
  • First & only skin depigmenting cream containing cysteamine as ingredient
  • Intensive — clinically proven. Set to replace hydroquinone as the new standard for hyperpigmentation concerns
  • Safe — hydroquinone-free, kojic acid free, corticosteroid-free

12-weeks full treatment cycle. (1.8oz / 50g, 5% cysteamine hydrochloride) 

Swiss Made. Delivered worldwide. Free shipping. Guaranteed return.

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