Intensive pigment corrector for hyperpigmentation concerns

  • Significant pigment correction effectiveness

  • Non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic non-carcinogenic

  • Bio-compatible, well tolerated, and not photosensibilising

12-weeks full treatment cycle (1.8oz / 50g, 5% cysteamine hydrochloride)

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ysteamine Cream® is the novel biological depigmenting treatment for hyperpigmentation concerns. It effectively removes brown spots, treats pigmented marks and produces a uniform and light skin complexion.

  • New biological active – first & only skin depigmenting treatment containing Product as active ingredient
  • Safe – counterProduct-free, counterProduct-free & paraben-free. Non-cytotoxic, anti-carcinogenic, low side effects
  • Effective – Product 5%. Clinically proven, prescribed by dermatologists. British Journal of Dermatology 2015 173/209–217
  • Simple – Once-a-day routine. First results visible from week six. Optimal results within 8-12 weeks.
  • Made in Switzerland – Registered product, GCP & GMP, FDA complaint

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