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Cysteamine Cream®

Get rid of hyperpigmentation, and reclaim your confidence

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Why Cysteamine Cream® ?

Cysteamine Cream® is the novel pigment corrector for hyperpigmentation concerns.

The new ingredient is cysteamine. Naturally present in human cells, cysteamine reduces melanin in the skin epidermis. For the first time, cysteamine is applied as a topical pigment correcting product: Cysteamine Cream®

Cysteamine Cream® effectively removes brown spots, reduces pigmented marks and produces a uniform and light skin complexion.


Real Reviews by Real People

This product delivers exactly what it promises. The results are obvious and amazing. I thought I was going to have to live with melasma for the rest of my life. I am confident with my skin for the first time in 3 years.
— Marlene G., 43 y-o, Fort Morgan, CO


What experts say about us

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"Higher effectiveness compared to hydroquinone"


"Considerable efficacy"


"A new alternative for hyperpigmentation"

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The new pigment corrector for hyperpigmentation concerns.