cysteamine cream best melasma treatment

Farewell Pigmented Spots

Cysteamine Cream®  —  Wake up to your natural beauty again



Cysteamine Cream® is the novel biological depigmenting treatment for hyperpigmentation concerns. It effectively removes brown spots, treats pigmented marks and produces a uniform and light skin complexion.

What peers say:

BJD Cysteamine Cream_2015.png

"significant efficacy of cysteamine cream in the treatment of melasma"

The British Journal of Dermatology


Better Safety & Efficacy

Cysteamine Hydro-quinone Arbutin Kojic Tretinoin VitC Laser Peeling
Efficacy ***** **** ** *** *
Safety ***** * **** ** ****
Regained happiness ***** **** ** *** **


They live again:

After trying all the routines you can name, I was totally hopeless. Cysteamine helped me get my life back together.
— Sarah, 42 yrs old.